When/How did Japan become equals with the West? Who was at fault for suffering in Japan during WWII?

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1)How has modern Japan used war as a strategy to “catch up” to the West? When,

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if ever, did Japan feel it had accomplished this goal and gained acceptance as an

equal partner among the great powers of Europe and the United States?

2)Various individuals and institutions have been blamed for the suffering that Japan

caused from 1931 through 1945. These include the Japanese civil government, the

emperor, the military, and the common people. Evaluate the culpability of each of

these actors for Japan’s war in Asia. Who do you think was responsible for

Japan’s trajectory towards imperialism and militarism?

I attached the specifics for the essays. Each essay answer (one for each question) should be from 2-3 double spaced pages. So at the end there should be 4-6 double spaced pages. I attached some concepts for question 1 too. for question 2 i would look into “comfort women”.

For question one also look into japanese colonialism around asia

also for question Japenese using western style architecture for hostipal in taipai

shows they could mimic architecture of west


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