what was the images of black power movement? what were some of the accomplishment of black power and what was the causes for the downfall

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read chap 12 “freedom on my Mind” volume 2 ,then read “bigger than a Hamburger, Letter from Birmingham jail by Martin Luther KIng answer they 3 questions in 2-3 pages response that demonstrate your understanding and incorporates your thoughts for the following question. What tactics did students use in their protest? What role did respectability play in the sit-in movement? How would you compare student protest in the early 1960s to today?

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in a separate sheet after watching Eyes on the prize ( part 5) MIssissipi is THe America 1962-1964 just made a comment that shows comprehension of topic as well as identifie 1 or 2 issue and offer a solution to the problem or personal experience. this one can be just 1 page


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