What turns you off as a customer? Is it being ignored or simply not being able to locate the price on an item? A study was done that looked at customer turnoffs. [link to Timms]. The research had s

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Week 5 – Critical Thinking Quiz

Essay:  Customer Turnoffs – Using Dialog to Find Solutions to Customer Problems

Wanda and Alex own a bar.  Alex takes Mrs. Adams’ order for the Friday beer and fish dinner special for $9.95.  She wants to substitute coleslaw for a salad and to skip the potato for a price reduction on the dinner.  Alex informs Mrs. Adams that the dinner comes with no substitutions or price adjustments.  Alex then takes Mrs. Adams’ draft beer order.  Mrs. Adams samples the beer and tells Alex that the beer tastes like the tap is dirty and needs to be cleaned.  Mrs. Adams wants to order another beer from a bottle.  Alex says that is fine but that the bottled beer doesn’t come with the fish special.  Mrs. Adams is very unhappy with the entire situation and tells Alex that she will never return to the hall.  Alex exclaims “What do you expect for $9.95?  You get what you pay for!  Good riddance!”  Please help Alex fix Mrs. Adams’ turnoffs by discussing and giving examples for the following turnoffs:  value, systems, and people.

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