What is one thing you do to overcome your frustration?, discussion help

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Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review is actually a technique that I never thought at all to use or apply in reading. After reading chapter two, It made a lot of sense to me to apply SQ3R when I am reading a book, article, or instructions. It helps me have a better understanding and comprehend what i am reading. I never enjoyed reading anything unless it was interesting to me, as long as it was interesting I am able to understand and focus on it. I do not like to read anything that has more than five pages. I get bored quickly. I want what I read to quickly get to the point. If I have to read a lot of pages, I will just briefly read through it until something catches my attention. After I applied SQ3R to this discussion, I am more open minded and I actually read chapter two, and I learned a lot more the second time reading the chapter than I did the first time I read the chapter. One question I have is; does anyone get extremely frustrated when reading a book that has a lot of pages? If so, what s one thing you do to over come your frustration?


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