what are two relegions that are most similar to each other? from top 7 relegions

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Paper should be at least 750 words and try to keep it under 1000 words. Please review the Discussion Board Rubric located under GEA Assignments that will be utilized for your Discussion Board Grading.

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What is one question you would like answered about religion. For example, “Is religion a source of violence or a source of peace and harmony?” “Is Confucianism a religion?”

Bring one question that you will research and submit to your Required Instructor Meeting.

This is a “personal response” paper and is really all about you and your investigationinto the answer. However, it is an academic paper and should not address or make any faith claims. Note: This paper is not intended to be a formal academic paper and may be written in an informal conversation style. Please note, however, your composition skills (grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure, clarity of expression, etc.) will be included in the evaluation of the paper. It should be an example of your best writing. Sources you must cite.

Follow the Grading Rubric for the GEA.

  1. In your Essay, list the question you chose.
  2. Write what you think the answer may be.
  3. Research at least two sources. This can be a person, book, documentary, internet source.
  4. In the paper, list these sources, this does not have to be too formal, for example, “The information I found most useful for my research was the __________ site and an interview with _____________.
  5. Then in a couple –three sentences list what you discovered in your first source and then a couple – three sentences you discovered in your second source.
  6. Now answer your question from #1 and what you learned especially as it related to your answer from #2.

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