Week 8: Data Sources, Populations, and Samples

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As you continue to prepare for the in-residence component of this
course, be aware of how this week’s Learning Resources address data
sources, populations, and samples. As you review these resources,
consider possible types of sources you might use for data collection,
the type of population you are targeting, and the sampling methods you
plan to use in your study.

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For this Discussion, select at least one topic from the Learning
Resources on data sources, populations, and samples that you found
challenging, and reflect on why you found this to be so. Also consider
any other topics that have been challenging this term. Finally, think
about what topics you hope are covered in more depth during the
in-residence component.

Write an explanation of at least one topic
from the data collection, population, and sample readings that you
found personally challenging as it relates to your dissertation
prospectus. Then, explain any other areas or topics that have been
challenging in this course. Finally, explain what topics you hope are
covered in more depth in-residence.


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  • Document: Burkholder, G. (n.d.). Study notes: Sample size analysis for quantitative studies (PDF document)

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