WEEK 7 Discussions-PSY105/ENG315

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ENG 315

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Workplace Agility

Review the following resource and then address the questions below: This Is the Most Important Job Skill Today

1. What does agility mean? How important do you think it is to your current position or positions you desire in the future?

Do you agree with the speaker in the video? Why or why not? Do you see
yourself as someone who seeks stable employment or as someone who plans
to move around a lot in your desired field? What implications do you
think that has for your future success?

3. What does the new generation of “job hopping” job seekers mean to the job market?

How would you rank your current level of agility? What challenges or
strengths might you consider after reading this article that may help
you in the present or in the future?

PSY 105

In the article, How Companies Can Profit from a “Growth Mindset”,
there are a great number of benefits to encouraging employees and team
members to grow and develop their skills, talents, and competencies.

You are a new manager in a company that believes in a fixed
mindset approach. Through your own professional development over the
years, you have worked to develop a growth mindset for yourself. Now
that you’re in a leadership role, how could you go about creating change
within your new department and encouraging your company to foster a
growth mindset?

For instance, how would you deliver feedback to your team members that would promote a growth mindset?


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