Week 4 Assignment for performance managment

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1.Provide four examples of Quality. Provide the subjective terms used by most managers to define Quality.

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2.Analyze the Deming Philosophy, explain the 14 Points?

3.How does a Quality Management System (QMS) work? Please explain.

4.Explain ISO 9000 Family of Standards.

5.Analyze the effects of the Workforce concept.

6.Compare and contrast Workforce and Quality.

7.What is Workforce Management or Human Resource Management? Evaluate these objectives.

8.Evaluate the Principles of Workforce Engagement and Motivation.

9.Performance Excellence can be defined as. Provide examples.

10.Analyze the effectiveness of an organization.

11. Assess Continuous Improvement as it relates to the concept of Process Improvement.

12. Evaluate Process Management.

13. Differentiate between Process Management and Improvement.

14. Real Improvement depends on learning. Explain this concept.

15. Assess Quality Control. Be specific.

16. Define and provide an example of Globalization.

17. Compare and contrast Principles and Practices.

18. List the primary roles for Statistical Thinking.

19. Explain the importance of Performance Appraisals.

20. Define Process Design.


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