Watch the video and then respond to the discussion question

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Watch the Zappos clip from Nightline on YouTube.

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Zappos Company Culture – The Zappos Family on Nightline

1. An online shoe store dominating the marketplace. Is this the beginning of the end of traditional brick and mortar stores

2. Technology as a competitive advantage is very powerful as long as you are the leader. Looking forward, think about what other businesses are suited to move completely online. Also, Circuit City, Sports Authority both went bankrupt and Best Buy is in financial trouble, to the buy online movement?

3. Amazon launched a new smart phone and Alexa (to make buying easier) And did you see this story on Amazon? What do you think?

After you watched the videos, please respond to the above three discussions question as giving below, and kindly note that this work contains 2 parts:

For part one,

Respond to the discussion post questions with in 12 hours from now with at least with 250-300 words

Then for Part two,

I will share with you the text-writing of four other students from the class. Once you have the text-writing of the four students, you need to write a respond to each student in less than 12 hours from sharing their text-writing (You must write 50-70-words response to each student).

Instructions to be successful with discussions:

A. When you post in discussions stay away from writing posts like: You’ll have a prompt like this example: Discuss the topic of AI in relation to healthcare. Some students will write an answer like. “AI is being used in healthcare for surgeries. It is a technology that is integral to the healthcare system.” This answer will receive 2 points out of 5. Yes, you answered it but did not put a critical piece in the answer– the evidence.

B. Also, Stay awayfrom statements like “I think this, or I agree with Angie.” Instead, post something like… Research suggests that AI is just as good of a predictor of medical assessment as humans ( (Links to an external site.)) Further machine technology is being used not only in diagnosis but also in treatment( (Links to an external site.)). Has anyone in the class had a personal experience with this kind of surgery? This is a more robust post and encourages interaction. It would receive full points.

C. If an internet site is used, it must be cited properly. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any form and a score of zero will be given on the assignment, as the assignment will be checked by Turnitin Website for plagiarism.

Deadline: The entire work must be done in 24 hours maximum.

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