Visual Literacy and the sociology research project and make powerpoint

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Research Paper Overview: You will write a three (3) page paper that analyzes any visual message within any media (i.e.,
Typography, Graphic Art, Photography, Television, Film, Cartoons, or even the Internet). You may
choose one specific artist and speak about their overall body of work – discussing messages
conveyed through images, aesthetic patterns and their meanings. What is the purpose? Is it
political, cultural, social, propaganda, visual rhetoric/persuasion, self-expression, etc.

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Analyze the image using concepts from chapters 1-5:
Intro to Visual Communication (3 phases of seeing)
Visual Composition and Design
Visual Communication and Technology
Visual Rhetoric
Visual Culture
Use the proper preliminary steps to take in order to prepare yourself for thorough analysis:
Visual Inventory, Composition, Visual Cues, Semiotic Signs the Purpose and Aesthetics, etc.

This paper must be at least three (3) doubled-spaced pages, prepared with one-inch margins.12-
point font in either Times/Times New Roman must be used. MLA formatting is required. Any
source must be properly cited and include a works cited page. Be advised, this submission is
subject to Turn-It-In anti-plagiarism software. A failure to comply with the University’s Policy on
Academic Integrity will result in the issuing of a zero and the work-in-question will then undergo a
review by Student Conduct. See the Student Handbook for details.


• Pres. should be at least 5 slides

• Include the image and describe what you believe it’s visual message is and why.

• Include information that you found in your research

• Discuss your visual interpretation

• Due to time constraints and class size – each student only has 5-10 minutes to present:

I already choose the topic : Oscar nominee for best animated short film in 2011 ” Let’s pollute”

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