Visual Art Submit Assignment

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1. In this activity I want you to apply some of the formalistic elements we learned from the previous Module. Look at the image below and discuss what you see using formalistic analysis. Also, does the image evoke any emotional response, if so what and how do you think that emotion is being evoked?

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2. In the 19th and twentieth century many artists experimented with artistic style and technique and rebelled against “traditional” attempts to create the “illusion of reality” in art.

In a short essay of no less than 300 words, discuss examples of how this rebellion manifested its in some artists’ work? You may discuss Van Gogh and/or Rothko but I would like to see some reference to other artists describe from the reading as well.

3.In a short essay of no more than about 200 words, talk to me about this work. What is the name? Who is it by? The really important aspects I want you to tell me are, what are some important formalistic elements of the work and some important contextual aspects related specifically to the Italian Renaissance. One thing in particular I’d like to do in the short essay is that I’d like you describe linear perspective in the work and discuss why it is important to understand this innovation of linear perspective.

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