Visit the file attachement:How would you evaluate if your strategies to reduce turnover were “successful”? Your response to this question should include applicable quantitative and qualitative

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Visit the file  attachement:

How would you evaluate if your strategies to reduce turnover were


Your response to this question should include applicable




metrics used for evaluation purposes.

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Sorry I posted the wrong attachment earlier. This is the correct one.

APA Format like this with URL;


The most common problem is typically with directly quoted material.  When you quote directly (under 40 words), you need to include quotation marks around the passage(s) used, along with the author’s last name, date of publication and page number (or “n.p.” for “no page”).  If the passage is over 40 words it is indented vs. quotation marks, the other citation information is the same.  When you paraphrase material or have used it as a general reference, this means it is in your words.  The correct method of citation is just the author’s last name an date of publication.


Direct Quote:  “The ADA provides that qualified individuals with disabilities may not be discriminated against” (Bernardin, 2013, p.86)

Paraphrased: The Americans with Disability Act was passed in 1990, which essentially extends the concept of equal employment to those that have disabilities (Bernardin, 2013).

This may seem like a small difference, however in academia, it is extremely important to not only give credit where credit is due, but also to clearly distinguish your words from someone else’s.

Finally,. the “rule of thumb” in terms of resources is that approximately 80% of  any given assignment, paper, case study, etc should be authored by you with resources (paraphrased or directly quoted) accounting for the remaining 20%.  Resources should not be used in lieu of your own words, thoughts and ideas, they should instead be used to support your thoughts and ideas.  Any assignment with little or no authored content of your own, will not receive credit.

This professor is very particular.

Visit the file attachement:How would you evaluate if your strategies to reduce turnover were “successful”? Your response to this question should include applicable quantitative and qualitative
Forum 2.2 Jean Thomas read the “Engaged Employees = High-Performance Organizations” article, Enter Forum 2.2 and post your action plan.  This should include any training and development issues related to this scenario (hint: consider this from different perspectives/functions). Action Plan To restore order in the organization, there are serious problems where it has poor leadership strategies, lack of customer satisfaction, or even motivation of employees. Other challenges include poor working conditions and failure of use of office etiquette. To restore order, the company’s top management should come up with an action plan that would be used in bringing up reforms on the organization’s culture, have leaders that are reliable and competent every time. The main activities that would be required to do this are as follows: Activity Expected results Actual results Who performs this task When is this task due? Status Re-Election of leaders–managers The step of eliminating ineffective leadership. They are replaced by a good manager. Proper leadership qualities. The company’s senior staff—the members, would experiment so that they get some idea of who would be best at it. This task is ongoing. Pending Ensure top-notch service delivery. The organization will investigate the issue of gaining the confidence of the customers, to have as many customers as possible. The increment of customers and change of reviews to positive ones. The organization’s top officials, employees, managers. The task does not require A given amount of time. Pending Ensure employee satisfaction This would involve making sure that all employees in the organization, are more productive. The actual results would be an increment in some customers, better employee’s performance. All members of management and HR. No due time Pending Construction of a good working environment Even in this case, performance is dependent on various factors, which include being in the working environment. The relative increase in employee productivity. The management of the organization and HR Management No due time Pending Exercise the rules and policies of an organization. There would be order in the workplace, without some individuals misbehaving or acting like they do not care. A conducive working environment would be created. The management of the organization and HR Management. No due time Pending Table 1: Action Plan. Reference Baur, C. (2010). The national action plan to improve health literacy. US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

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