Vam-cyber security-Discussion 4 and one student reply in 125 words

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What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks).

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provide reply to below student post in 125 words.

Ano-Wireless networks are the type of networks that do not need a cable connection between them.These networks use radio waves to connect devices to the internet for communications.

Wireless Application Protocol(WAP) is a type of protocol used by the handheld devices like mobile phones and radio devices to get internet services on them like accessing email,www etc.

Wireless aplplication protocol can be

1.Tailored for small devices:The WAP applications can be created for many devices including mobile phones and tablets.

2.Binary Encoded :The connection between a smart phone and a WAP gateway is encoded and compressed to maximize throughput on low bandwidth networks.

3.Robust:WAP accounts for connection problems.

4.Secure:As Data to and from the WAP devices is encrypted,it accounts for data security

5.Independent:WAP operates across a wide range of devices and wireless networks.

WAP is divided into five layers.They are

1.Application Layer(WAE):Wireless application environment layer Encompasses the devices,languages(WML and WMLScript),APIs and set of formats to access certain information.

2.Session layer(WSP):Wireless session protocols provides a consistent interfece for WAE for connection and disconnection modes.

3.Transaction Layer(WTP):Wireless Transaction Protocol provides transcation services to WAP to indicate successful transactions and if no transaction is occured removes the duplicate transcations that are not ompleted.

4.Security Layer(WTLS):Wireless Transport Layer Security provides services to protect the data including integrity,privacy and data authentication.

5.Transport Layer(WDP):Wireless Datagram Protocol provides consistent protocols to the higher layers of WAP architecture.


1.Similar to internet model

2.Supported by most devices

3.Real time transmission of data

4.No hardware obsolescence.

5.Platform Independent i.e., small changes are needed in order to deploy on any device.


1.Low speed

2.Security risks

3.Third party is included

4.Expensive business model.

5.Small Screens

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