Valuation for a company

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Hi, I would like the following things to be done for a company (which I will specify later):

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  • 1. Company Overview
    • Key statistics: e.g. current price/market cap/price target/buy?
    • business model
    • Business segments
    • Business characteristics
  • 2. Historical share price performance (graph)–> just a screenshot of this is fine
  • 3. Comparable companies analysis
    • Table with different metrics comparing our stock pick with peer companies
    • What might prevent us from making direct comparisons with peer companies
  • 4. DCF for base case
  • Price target for base case/bull case/bear case

Please put everything in a word document and please send the excel for the DCF (base case) as well.

I don’t mind if a lot of the information e.g. price target/comparable companies analysis is . copied from already existing material (brokerage reports on Bloomberg etc.)

Feel free to ask me anything for further classification

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