use my post and give a more detailed explanation for both the description of the principles and the reasons you chose them- why they are important. HIGHLIGHT THE CHANGES and additions in yellow ple

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use my post and give a more detailed explanation for both the description of the principles and the reasons you chose them-  why they are important.

HIGHLIGHT THE CHANGES and additions in yellow please

My post is below

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Principle 1. Free Appropriate Primary Education(FAPE)

Free appropriate primary education is crucial under the IDEA (Individuals with Disability Education Act). This principle is essential, and I chose it because it ensures that every individual with a disability, regardless of severity, ethnicity, race, or gender gets access to education tailored to their needs (Oklahoma State Department of Education Special Education Services, n.d.). Everyone deserves a quality education in this era, and it would be unfair to exclude persons with disabilities from receiving the same by not considering them. Education is not impactful unless it is accessible to everyone that wants it. I understand that special education, tailored for individuals with special needs, can be expensive for the parents because of the unique requirements that may characterize a disability. On the same note, I think it is easier for the government to provide a framework for special education. That way, parents won’t have to make private arrangements for their children’s education individually.

I work in a public school system and it has been heartwarming to see and hear from parents who feel their child is getting the support and programming they need to be successful.

Principle 6. Parent and student participation

This principle focuses on the need for parents and students to be involved in their special education services.  Individuals with disabilities, depending on the nature of the disability, require the collaboration of everyone involved, including parents, educators, as well as themselves, to make the process successful (“IDEA essential components,” n.d.). I choose this principle because it shows the need for parents and students to work together with educators to give children quality education. It shows dedication, interest, and purpose. The principle proves that the education of individuals with disabilities matters and that they are not going through the system because. I think involving parents in their children’s education is necessary, but I also think involving the students is even more important. Some students are not comfortable going to their IEP meeting, but meeting with them or discussing things in class about what they would like to do next year or how they are feeling about the programming is data that we can use at an IEP meeting to share with the parents and other staff involved.

Principle 3. Individualized Education Program.

The Individualized Education Program(IEP) principle ensures that each child can access an education tailored to their needs. Individuals with disabilities have different needs, which prompts tailored services. I choose this because it really is the most important principle because it factors every person individually and provides a framework for developing educational programs that accommodate everyone(ASK RESOURCE CENTER, 2023). The IEP is a legal document, which therefore makes it duty or commitment.  Teachers must use this when planning instruction and assessment for students.

Principle 2. Appropriate Evaluation.

The principle focuses on the appropriate assessment of learners under the IDEA. I choose this principle because it recognizes that people with different needs cannot be evaluated using the same criteria(ASK RESOURCE CENTER, 2023). Learner evaluation is essential to education because it shows progress, appreciates students for their commitment, and motivates them to achieve further. This principle is important because under IDEA it is required that all assessments be nondiscriminatory and all procedures be impartial.  There must be the use of many assessments and strategies in order to have an appropriate evaluation. Also, appropriate evaluation is the beginning. It is during this step we find out where the student struggles and can begin a plan to get them the programming and services they need. Teachers make the first step when the realize a student is struggling and put in a referral, once that referral is done then the ball is rolling to help the parent and student.


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