US HISTORY ii research paper

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Your essay must answer one of the following questions for the research essay:

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  • What were the major causes of immigration to the United States in the era after the Civil War and before the First World War?
  • In the second half of the 19th century, how did Americans attempt to apply their understanding of Darwinian thought on issues such as economics, government reform, and immigration?
  • Why did the United States fight the Philippine-American War (1899-1902)?
  • Why did the American automobile industry become the largest in the world?
  • Why was the United States Federal Reserve created?
  • How did the Spanish Influenza affect American society?
  • Was the Volstead Act beneficial for the United States?
  • To what extent was the New Deal a success? What were its successes and failures?
  • Was the Good Neighbor policy a success?
  • Why was the United States attacked on December 7th, 1941?
  • Why did the Grand Alliance win the Second World War?
  • Why did the Cold War begin?
  • Should the United States have signed the North Atlantic Treaty (1949)?
  • Why did the United States decide to fight a limited war in Korea (1950-53) rather than insist on unconditional surrender of the enemy?
  • Why did the US support coups overseas during the Cold War? What were the effects?
  • How accurate is the stereotype of the 1950s as an age of suburban conformity in the US?
  • How has the Space Age affected life in America?
  • Were Second Wave feminists substantially different in their aims than earlier feminists?
  • How successful was the American Indian Movement?
  • Why did the percentage of children born to unwed mothers in the United States rise in the past sixty years?
  • What reasons help explain the rise in income gaps in the US and other industrialized nations since the 1970s?
  • Did the Carter administration handle the Iranian Revolution and subsequent ‘hostage crisis’ competently?
  • Was Reaganomics a success?

Write your essays using MS Word, and email them to me at the address above. I will not accept printed copies of your essay. I will submit the essay to plagiarism software, and. If you’re not sure what plagiarism is, consider this: Cite a source every time your essay makes use of an idea, quote, anecdote, study, or fact that you found in someone’s work.

I call the essay a “research essay” to emphasize that the quality of your essay is largely dependent upon the quality of your research. Use at least four scholarly articles or published books. The phrase “at least” means you are allowed and encouraged to use more than four sources. The length of the essay should be 1,500 to 2,500 words.

Cite your sources wherever you rely on them, using footnotes, parenthetical notes or end notes. Be very specific when citing a source, using either the Chicago, APA, or MLA format throughout. For details, please consult the Rutgers Library Guide. Cite a source every time you make use of someone’s ideas.

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