UNST 421522 multimedia capstone

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  1. In Changing Minds, Howard Gardner talks in Chapter 2 of the ‘Forms of the Mind.’ Considering that the point of his book is to learn methods which may help increase the likelihood of creating mind change, describe two ways in which his techniques can be applied to the effective development of our term’s project. Also describe the part you plan to assume in manifesting the results of these applied techniques.
  2. In Chapter 1 of Changing Minds Gardner describes six factors (all begin with R) which can be used to change minds. Pick the two you think most appropriate for our project and describe how you would use their knowledge for strategic development and implementation for our project.
  3. In Chapter 1 of Changing Minds, Gardner talks about Resistances. Name one Resistance a reader of our project might experience. Describe how that resistance most likely came to be and describe how to overcome it or at least, lessen it.
  4. As a student you are a member of a community, the community of a class. You are developing materials to be used by another community, the readers and users of our terms’ work on the Blog and Website and/or Video. What intersecting similarities exist between these two groups? What differences exist between these two groups? Describe in detail how these differences and similarities help you to understand better the community of users for whom we are developing the project.
  5. The first half of the class is primarily about understanding the details and complexities, getting to know one another in the class, experimenting with the tools, and ideating what we will accomplish. The second half is primarily about implementation of the ideas we are creating now. Describe what you personally wish to accomplish in the second half of the class. What goal? How will you reach that goal? Describe the impact you want to make in the class. This can be in any one group or a combination of groups. It can be something which already has been discussed or something new. In any case, it must something that enhances the project in some way. Describe the desired enhancement you will contribute. (In the Final, I’ll be asking how you did with your goal and the important response for the grade will be what you learned from the actions you took as you either succeeded or as you attempted your stated goal).
  6. Describe in detailed fashion one way in which you specifically can do something during the course of the term to increase readership of our blog and increase widespread awareness of the topic. Helpful Hint: (Be sure to differentiate between your answers in question 5 and question 6. Question 5 is about methods, and question 6 is about results, two entirely different things).
  7. Describe two tactics you will personally try to increase communication effectiveness with those in your group and within the class between now and the end of the term, while working in an online environment. Try to think outside the box, and comment on how you will know if they are effective tactics or not. What could you try besides email? Helpful hint: (I’ll be asking about how effective these tactics were in the final, so think ahead).
  8. Of all the possible points about our topic that you could make on the final class website, or video that might influence the most readers to act, what is that point, and how will you work to make it happen? If it conflicts with other points from other students or if it is too divergent from other view, what position will you take? Defend your answer using logic and a sense of seeking the maximum possible common good from the final production made.
  9. Think about community. Think about the community of our class around this topic this term, and think on the other end of the scale about the global community of readers documented in the web analytics that find our work through online search on related topics. What other types of community exist? How can they be reached and potentially influenced to think about or act on our topic? There is not a right or wrong answer here, I am looking for the depth and clarity of your observation and analysis about what makes community and how they can be reached. (One hint – other than the ones I’ve listed here I can think of three distinct others. There are probably more!)

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