Understand and give examples for the following vocabulary, verbal chapter 3 help

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Verbal Chapter 3

Understand and give examples for the following vocabulary:

Evasion Equivocation Euphemisms Jargon Slang

Linguistic Relativism (Sapir Whorf Hypothesis) Define & Know Examples

Know the difference between connotation and denotation

Language in Context (relational, situational, cultural)

Abstraction Ladder

Identify Biased Language


Guidelines for Profanity/Civility

Nonverbal Chapter 4

Know Full review worksheet

Nonverbal communication defined

6 major Areas of Study in Nonverbal Communication (ppt)

9 Functions of Nonverbals

5 types of Kinesics: Emblems, Illustrators, Regulators, Adaptors, Affect displays

Culture influences nonverbal communication

Public/Private Dimension

Informal/Formal Dimension


Delivery Chapter 14

Types of delivery

Vocabulary for vocal and visual delivery

Speech Rehearsal guidelines

Connecting with the audience

Effective Presentational Aids

Persuasion Chapter 16

Persuasive speaking defined

Proposition of: fact value policy

Difference between Coercion & Persuasion

Social Judgement Theory

Audience’s disposition: receptive hostile neutral

Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM)

Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs

Aristotle’s forms of rhetorical proof (Ethos, Logos, & Pathos)

Fallacies (notes)

Persuasive Organizational Patterns


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