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Health care is a competitive business. The shortage of nurses is expected to continue as the baby boomer generation gets older and its members require more health services. Reasons for the shortage include an insufficient number of nursing schools, the lack of qualified nursing faculty, poor retention of nurses, and challenging working conditions. The hospital’s chief executive officer (CEO) has requested that you, the human resources (HR) manager, start the process to recruit, select, onboard, and retain 10 new nurses within the next 3 months. Complete the following:

  • Develop a paper of 3–4 pages, supported with 2–3 peer-reviewed sources, that discusses their plan to recruit, select, onboard, and retrain 10 new nurses within the next 3 months.
  • Discuss the steps that will be taken in order.

    • Determine methods to recruit nurses.
    • Discuss how the nursing candidates will be selected.
    • Discuss the benefits of an efficient onboard process as it relates to reducing costs and increasing retention.
    • Discuss retention strategies that could be put in place to retain the newly hired nursing staff.

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