Tuesdays With Morrie reading guide, pages 100 – 121 (story)

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Reading Guide Three (pp. 100 -121)

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“The Sixth Tuesday: We Talk About Emotions”

1. How is Morrie doing now?

2. How do Mitch’s Tuesday visits give Morrie a sense of purpose?

3. What does Morrie mean by saying he is “detaching himself?” How does he explain this process?

4. What does Mitch think about his own emotions?

5. What animal does Morrie want to be reincarnated as?

“The Professor: Part 2”

1.How did Morrie’s first job at the mental hospital affect his life?

2.What does Morrie think all people want (in addition to love, of course)?

3.What good memories does Morrie have of the 1960s?

“The Seventh Tuesday: We Talk about the Fear of Aging”

1. How has Morrie’s condition deteriorated since Mitch’s last visit?

2.How does Morrie feel about aging? How does Mitch feel about it?

3. Morrie says that he does not wish he were young again for a few reasons. Why?

4. Does Morrie envy young people?

5. What are some new words you learned in this section?


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