Trojan women reflection

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This assignment is a written
reflection on your viewing of The Trojan Women at the Jerry Herman Ring
Theater. The reflection must be 2 FULL pages in length and should
contain your thoughts and opinions on the overall design of the show,
direction, feedback on the actors’ performances and any other thoughts
you have in regard to what worked well and what didn’t. The reflection
should not just be a document that praises the performers, although you
may do so; dig deeper and find connections to what you saw on stage and
the principles of art and direction we’ve discussed thus far in the

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A few questions to reflect on:

How did the overall design of the show aid or detract from the storytelling?

Did the director succeed at creating natural stage pictures?

the stage configuration work well for the show? Yes or No? If yes,
explain why and if not what configuration would have served the play and
the design better?

Be sure you proofread your reflections prior to submission as spelling and grammar are important.

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