Topic 3 DQ 1.1

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

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Any process change related to patient care would affect multiple departments and would require much preparation and organization. This process would require collaboration and communication between multiple individuals in multiple areas. Any process change would have to align with the institutions mission, vision and values as well one’s personal mission, vision and values as well as serving to move not just the institution forward but the individuals who make up the institution as well (GCU 2013).

Communication of a new idea would follow the chain of command for approval. First any idea must be well researched with evidence to prove its worth and benefit. I would create a vision for the process and get input from frontline staff regarding any benefit that the program may have. I would evidence based practice guidelines to support a process change including data supporting benchmark improvement based on current processes that are in place and data regarding how the process would improve outcomes. My idea would then need to be presented to management for review. The most effective way to do so would be through direct verbal communication via face to meetings and the use of PowerPoint demonstrations to walk management through any changes step by step. Doing so would allow for feedback from management and explanations in real time from me. Cost of implementation vs. benefit would need to be addressed as with any change to processes there must fiscal responsibilities that would need to be justified. Having and organized, intelligent common sense idea with data to support it imperative, as is data to support how the idea aligns with the institutions mission, vision and values.

Reference: Grand Canyon University. 2013. NRS-451V Lecture 3. Applying Servant Leadership in Practice. Retrieved from:…

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