Topic 2 DQ 2.1

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

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I enjoyed reading “Called to Care: A Christian Worldview to Nursing”. It was interesting to review the history of nursing and how Christianity was very influential in the beginning. Christ also had a significant impact on the role of nurses and stressed the importance of caring for the sick. We’ve seen the benefit that spirituality plays in patient healing and how one can be comforted with Prayer and a strong belief system. If we have a strong Christian faith and are obedient to Him, we can’t help but want to heal our patients with strong health and healing.

It was also interesting to read about the shift in nursing paradigm and realize how much healthcare has changed the last several decades. The shift in nursing paradigm is from one worldview to another. There are many pagan religions that have surfaced and are being utilized by healthcare practitioners. It’s hard to comprehend this shift and accept this new ideology. As nurses we’ve seen this impact on the way we care for our patients and how ethical decisions are being made.

It’s important to remember everyone has different cultural backgrounds and belief systems, it’s not my place to judge or form an opinion about them. It’s more productive to be supportive and provide caring and compassionate care to any human that needs it. As a nurse, it’s difficult to watch patients deal with illnesses and suffer with death and dying.


Miller, A.B., Shelly, J.A., (2006). Called to Care: A Christian Worldview to Nursing. 2nd edition December 4, 2018

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