This project asks you to choose a current ASU event, phenomenon, or public aspect of student life specific to ASU and make a direct, evaluative claim regarding the topic you’ve chosen.(The claim MUST be ASU puts academics as a major Priority)

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Other examples of claims that could have been chosen includes; (Michael Crow is an excellent/poor university president), a challenge of such a judgment (the W.P. Carey business school is overrated/underrated), or a ranking or comparison of two separate subjects related to the same topic (The Tempe campus is more walkable than West campus). Through careful and balanced analysis of said topic (and using direct research, quotes, and evidence from at least three sources), your goal is to reveal the intricacies of the topic chosen, provide fair, adequate support for your claim, and offer an original and/or thoughtful perspective on the issue.

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Your Essay Should:

  • Introduce and develop a compelling thesis statement that takes a clear evaluative stance on the topic/claim (must be directly relevant to ASU)
  • Provide necessary context into the issue you have chosen and potentially what’s at stake
  • Formulate a clear and justifiable criteria for evaluation
  • Appropriately analyze and evaluate the topic using research, quotes, and evidence from at least three sources to enrich your argument
  • Stay structured over a clear sequence of claims and subclaims
  • Offer a thoughtful conclusion that adequately summarizes the paper’s main ideas and key takeaways

Other Requirements:

  • 5+ pages (not including Works Cited)
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced
  • Include at least three (3) secondary sources
  • Correct MLA formatting (unless we’ve previously agreed to something else)
  • Upload as Word document (.doc/.docx)
  • Due Tuesday, March 31 on Canvas before class

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