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the reply should be a list 100 to 150 words.

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Mary Perry

theory on jealousy is one I can slightly agree on, however there are
some points that I disagree with. David Buss established the theory of
jealousy. It states that males are more prone to be jealous over the
physical cheating, whereas women are more prone to be jealous over the
emotional cheating. I think this is a rather interesting theory and one
that has a few kinks. I do agree that both men and women are prone to
jealousy over cheating, as would anyone. However, I don’t agree on that
males are more jealous over the physical versus women the emotional.
Both men and women have emotional sides. Whether males express it or not
males can also be hurt or jealous over emotional cheating as well.
Women are viewed as the weak ones when it comes to be cheated on,
however that is very wrong. They are also jealous over the physical
cheating and when the physicality of action happens women want the men
out. So men and women can be viewed as having both. Sure, women can take
back a man, but men are also emotional and can take back the woman.
Everyone has an emotional side. Men and women are both emotionally
driven. Its a crush for the mans pride but also for the woman. It makes
the woman feel she is not good enough and that hurts her self image and
her pride as well. Either way cheating is wrong and this theory will not
change how I think about cheating or I don’t think it would change
anyone else’s perspective as well. If anything it may offend.

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