The Summary/Evaluation This project should mimic the guidelines and structure of a formal Summary/Evaluation but instead of summarizing and evaluating a journal article or essay, you will be summarizi

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The Summary/Evaluation

This project should mimic the guidelines and structure of a formal Summary/Evaluation but instead of summarizing and evaluating a journal article or essay, you will be summarizing and evaluating one of the other group presentations. You will specifically  summarize and then evaluate the effectiveness of presentation itself, not some other aspect of the group, like the company/organizations overall concept or the mission statement, unless it directly influences the presentation’s level of audience engagement.

You may write your summary/evaluation as, yourself, a fellow student, or you may write it as a member of the designated audience the group was addressing in their presenting.

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For example, if the group presenting was addressing the audience as potential investors

in their startup business, you may write the summary/evaluation as that potential investor deciding if this is indeed a good opportunity for investment. In this example you would use the evaluation section of the document to explain why or why not you think the group of investors, of which you are a member, should or should not invest.

No matter if you are evaluating the other group’s presentation as a fellow student or as a member of their designated audience, you need to evaluate how well you think they focused on that specified audience and were able to inform or persuade that audience.

While your summary and evaluation should follow the recognized structure of such documents, it does not need to be as long as a formal summary and evaluation. You should write a page minimum, but I am not requiring it to be much longer.

the presentation that needs to be summarized and evaluated is attached in files.

The Summary/Evaluation This project should mimic the guidelines and structure of a formal Summary/Evaluation but instead of summarizing and evaluating a journal article or essay, you will be summarizi
Euphoria Nightclub Owners: Bailey Chatham, Blanca Montano, Ja’Mya Goley , Jairo Camacho Welcome Investors!! Our Company ● Who are we? We are an 18+ nightclub that promotes different themed nights each day of the week to target all audiences and preferences ● Where are we located? We are located in downtown Houston ● Our purpose? Our purpose is to enhance diversity and inclusivity Our Audience ● We are looking for a few individual Houston Investors to bring capital for our business ● This startup company was created by college students, so we are in need of financial support to get our company to be competitive with other nightclubs in the area Proposal to Investors: Important Events Everyone loves a good excuse to dress up for a night out, so why not throw a theme night? Deciding on a theme will also help you determine what music to play, which DJ to book, any potential competition, venue decor, and promotional strategy. Here are some prominent party themes to start with: Christmas Halloween Mardi Gras New Year’s Eve St. Patrick’s Day Valentine’s Day Weekday holidays Birthday Parties Great Location: -Location Benefits ● Our nightclub will be located in downtown Houston which offers access to a larger market. This is a prime location that will increase business and attract customers. ● Located in the city’s center, better known as “downtown,” offers you continuous visibility and a constant showcase to other companies and professionals 24 hours a day. The choice of location is considered one more point within a marketing strategy to capture attention and be present in the user’s mind. Great Opportunities: -Funding the start-up for our business offers significantly great opportunities. ● Night clubs such as this one has the potential to generate a high return for investors. The investors will be able to capitalize through a regular income through fees and membership. ● Investing in our club will also provide networking opportunities. Clubs have high-profile memberships that could include influencers and industry professionals. This has the potential to come by other small business opportunities. ● Lastly our goal for the club is to promote a socially good feeling, so investing in our business can make a socially good impact and provide a rewarding experience. Great Influence: Influencers are infamous for attending large concerts, performances, and getting invitations to themed parties in different clubs. These events are more effective due to the level of organization and the help of influencers spreading the word around the city to make the club known for the great entertainment, therefore encouraging people to want to return. Celebrities don’t party in the same nightclubs as regular customers, but we like it when they make us feel special. Let’s host an invite-only event and give your venue the celebrity factor by making attendees feel part of an exclusive club. Scientific Perspective ● Nostalgia is an experience of primarily positive emotions while recalling past events. ● The Euphoria Nightclub is meant to trigger the reward systems in the brain. ○ Release of a chemical called dopamine. ● A variety of studies came to the same conclusion, nostalgia being linked to an overall trait of resilience ○ Stimulation of metabolic activity as well as blood flow, serving as a stress reliever Our Experience to You ● Along with creating the perfect ambiance for our guests, we offer a chance to improve their state of mind. ○ A free dose of nostalgia, a euphoric moment ● Striving for a unique experience for our visitors to experience, whether with friends or with themselves. ● Our goal is to grant a moment like no other, one filled with both, old and new memories. What are we asking for? We are requesting $300,000 and in return you will own 15% of the company ● This money will be used to buy the land/property that the club is built on, promote the club through social media and billboards, and buy all necessary accommodations such as music, decor, etc. ● This money will help us put together a successful nightclub and in return you will be a partial owner of the company ● We are not requesting this money in any specific form, but are requesting it to be transferred in time before the opening night of the club

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