The Ritz-Carlton Case Study Solution

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are the Ritz Carlton customers, and what specific aspects of the market are they

the Ritz Carlton have a service culture? If so, what have they done to create
it, and what will they need to do to sustain it?

important is leadership in the creation of a service culture? Why?

are the decision factors for the Ritz as they consider opening a new property?
Draw the parallels that exist between the decisions that confront the Ritz and
what has been discussed in class thus far relative to service operations

are some of the challenges presented by the Washington DC property that may be
unique vs. the openings of the other properties?

the operational standards that are important to the Ritz? How do they reinforce
these, and how do they measure them?

the Seven Day Countdown process and its importance to the Ritz strategy,
organizational readiness and the challenges that it may present.

Case Study Write up: Should the Ritz
Carlton change the Seven Day Countdown process?

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