The requirements of the Mini-case Ratio Analysis at S & S Air Inc, business and finance homework help

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  1. In your textbook, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, complete:
    1. Problems 13 and 14 on page 85, preparing common-size balance
      sheets and common-base year balance sheets for Just Dew It.  You should
      use an Excel spreadsheet (a template is available on the textbook
      website) to complete this assignment.
    2. The requirements of the Mini-case “Ratio Analysis at S & S Air, Inc.” on pages 88 and 89
  2. Write a one-page Word memo to the CEO of S & S Air, Inc.
    addressing Question 3 of the Mini-case, comparing the performance of S
    & S Air to the industry, commenting on why S & S’s ratios might
    be viewed as positive or negative relative to the industry, with brief
    commentary.  (Exclude the second half of the question regarding the
    creation of another inventory ratio.)

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