The primary deliverable for this course is an 2500-3000 (+/- 10%) word paper on your chosen health policy/health equity topic. This assignment consists of two parts: Part 1: Policy Brief Your policy b

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The primary deliverable for this course is an 2500-3000 (+/- 10%) word paper on your chosen healthpolicy/health equity topic. This assignment consists of two parts:Part 1: Policy BriefYour policy brief (2000-2500 words) will include:1. Title Page (Title, honor pledge, word counts of: the executive summary, brief, and equity analysis.The citations list doesn’t count in your word count)2. Executive Summary (does not factor into total paper length or % below; max 200 words; mustinclude a concise summary of the most pertinent facts about your issue, a brief overview of thepolicy proposals, and a final recommendation)3. Introduction/ Background (about 10% of paper length)Introduce the topic (This policy brief examines…). Place the policy problem in BRIEF historical and/orcontemporary context and explain why it is policy relevant.4. Identification of Policy Problem (about 20% of paper length)Write a clear statement of policy problem to be addressed in the brief and supported by anyempirical data that might quantify the magnitude of this policy problem. This section shouldincorporate a brief discussion of who the key stakeholders are with respect to the problem.PUBH 748Rev. 2021-04-21 135. Discussion and Analysis of the Key Policy Options (about 40% of paper length)Explore and analyze two policy options. Please include evidence-based analysis of advantages anddisadvantages of available policy options, including how each option would affect keystakeholders.6. Recommendations and Conclusions (about 20% of paper length)Using quality, substance, and logic, write final recommendation and offer conclusion. Therecommendation should be an analysis of why the option you select is better than the other andshould articulate what factors you considered in making that recommendation.7. List of ReferencesYou should use at least five appropriate sources; ensure all citations are in APA format and have live,clickable links.Part II: AddendumIn the remaining 500-1000 words, describe the following:1) Which public health values you prioritized in developing a solution to your problem2) What policy trade-offs, if any, you found difficult to make and why?3) With respect to the policy option you recommenda. how does your policy solution advance social justice?b. what ongoing equity concerns would you have, if any, even after the implementation of yourproposed policy?

Health Topic: Black Maternal/Infant Mortality in Harris County, Texas

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