The movie Lady Bird & the novel We Are Okay Q&A

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Answer the following in 2-3 sentences

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* Please use simple language

We Are Okay

  1. Lacour
    makes use of a number of intertextual references in the novel, most
    notably Marin’s love of Jane Eyre, Turn of the Screw, and the Frida
    Kahlo painting “The Two Fridas.” Pick one of these and adduce as many
    similarities as possible.
  2. Discuss 1) the “tree theme” in the novel and what this symbolizes.
  3. What college is Marin at? (Two possible answers.)
  4. Why do you think Marin expresses such happiness about being able to work at the Pottery Studio?
  5. What would your diagnosis of Gramps be?
  6. What is the connection between Marin’s swimming pool routine and her mom?
  7. The
    copyright page indicates that this book is filed under “lesbian.” It
    seems to me, however, that Marin and Mabel had a more….idk experimental
    or informal sexual fling. Would a better term for this be bisexual or
    fluid or intersectional? Note for instance that Mabel has moved onto a
    guy (forget his name) so she’s by definition not a lesbian.
  8. How would you describe Hannah’s influence on Marin? What does Marin learn from her?
  9. How is Ana (Mabel’s mom) portrayed and why, do you think so?


  1. This movie was written and directed by Greta Gerwig. What makes that impactful in Hollywood?
  2. The
    nun tells Ladybird, when discussing her essay about how much she hates
    Sacramento, that “love is a form of attention.” I’ll be honest and say I
    consider this one of the wisest movie quotes in recent years. How about
    you? We’re now in what’s been called the “attention economy.” Thoughts?
  3. Discuss how economics functions in the movie. Ladybird’s mom
    is a nurse, her father an unemployed IT guy. Mortgage problems, house
    crumbling, Ladybird pretends to live somewhere else, thrift store
    shopping not as hipsters but because they can’t afford new clothes. Her
    getting the money to go to NYU is sort of a miracle.

    1. Note here we have the same CA→ NY movement as in We Are Okay. (And Booksmart, sort of.)
  4. Look
    up the name and credits of the actress who plays Ladybird, or Christine
    McPherson. She’s a remarkable actress and has the coolest Irish-Gaelic
  5. Why did things not work out romantically between Ladybird and Danny?
  6. What do you think causes Ladybird to call her mom and apologize at the end?
  7. Explain what you think the epigraph by Joan Didion means? How does it prepare us to watch this specific film set in Sacramento?
  8. What audiobook do they listen to? Why do you think this novel from 1939 is relevant to the theme and symbology of the film?

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