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Please make a Powerpoint and a word as note for reading

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the speech length should be : 15 – 20 Mins


  • Forecast future earnings, dividends, cash flows using financial information before the virus outbreak.
  • Use three methods (dividend, free cash flow, and earnings) covered in Lecture 6 to predict stock prices for the next 3 years; see whether your results with different methods converge
  • Now take into consideration of the COVID impact and re-forecast earnings;
    • To get the new earnings forecast, you should break down the COVID impact into 3 aspects. How does the outbreak or quarantine affect the firm’s operating, investing, and financing activities?
    • You should provide detailed breakdowns of the affected activities into different accounting items.
    • You can either tabulate or plot the quarterly changes in these dimensions for the next three years
    • Aggregate the impact and re-forecasted earnings.
    • Use the new earnings to predict stock prices for the next 3 years.
  • Compare the stock price trends w/o considering the virus outbreak.

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