The Bacon’s Rebellion (1500 words), history homework help

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Your essay should be based on any ONE of the below topics:

the Anasazi Indians
Christopher Columbus
the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke
the Jamestown Colony
John Winthrop
William Penn
Anne Hutchinson
the Great Awakening
the Salem Witch Trials
Bacon’s Rebellion
the Battle of Quebec
the Stamp Act
the Boston Massacre
the Sons of Liberty
the Boston Tea Party
Sam Adams
Patrick Henry
Paul Revere
Thomas Paine
the Declaration of Independence
the Battle of Lexington/Concord

  • A minimum of 1500 words in length (it can be longer, but NOT shorter).
  • Based on any ONE of the approved topics listed below.
  • Written ENTIRELY in your OWN words (no plagiarism, in other words). You may use a few brief quotes, but be careful to use quotation marks (” “) and to keep quotes relevant and to a minimum (no more than 1 or 2 brief quotes per page). Quoted material will NOT count towards the word limit!
  • Neat and clearly written. I do not require any particular “style” (MLA, APA, Turabian, etc…), but I do expect the essay to be neat and clear. Please be sure to proofread your essay before submitting!
  • You may use the internet, books, periodicals, etc in researching your essay topic. Be sure to use at least 3 sources and be sure to put everything into your own words when writing the essay! List all sources used at the end of your essay.
  • Please do not use images (pictures, maps, graphs, etc.) in your essay! They often make it more difficult to upload your file.
  • Written using standard #12 fonts, double spaced, 1-inch margins, etc..
  • To submit your essay just upload your essay file (click on the blue Essay Assignment link above to access the submission page) AND copy/paste your essay into the textbox provided on the submission page. This is for your own safety!!! If you experience some major technical problem, you can also email me your essay.
  • Once you’ve submitted your essay, go to the gradebook and click on the “!” symbol in the Research Essay column. Make sure your essay is there and is readable.
  • ESSAYS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN THE DUE DATE. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR LATE ESSAYS!!!!! All  late essays will be docked 20 points per day!  (early essays will be gratefully accepted at any time!)

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