test 4 from Chapters 12-14 of We The People, Eleventh Essentials Edition.

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Federal Govt. Test 4 Chapters 12-14

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Book- We The People, Eleventh Essentials Edition.Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore J. Lowi, Margaret Weir, Caroline J. Tolbert,and Robert J. Spitzer. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

1. There are different kinds of judicial philosophy in how to interpret the law. Outline the theories of judicial restraint and judicial activism. Discuss an example of the Supreme Court employing judicial activism. Be specific.

2. Analyze the exercise of judicial review. What is judicial review, what are its origins, and why has it remained an unquestioned power of the courts for so long? Provide some examples of notable uses of judicial review in Supreme Court history.

3. In what ways do liberals and conservatives tend to react differently to poverty and social policies? What does it mean to say that Americans are “philosophical conservatives and operational liberals”? Which kinds of programs do Americans typically prefer?

4. There are three broad techniques available to policy makers in their attempt to achieve their goals. Discuss these three techniques and give examples of each.

5. Who and what are some of the most important governmental actors in American foreign policy? How does the Constitution distribute the responsibility for formulating foreign policy? In your answer, be sure to identify specific actors in the various branches of the U.S. government and to discuss the specific roles these actors play in determining foreign policy.

6. Describe some of the tools that the United States has used to conduct foreign policy. What is the role of diplomacy? What has been the influence of the United Nations (UN) since it was created? What did the United States do to create a new international economic structure after World War II?

7, What is the current dilemma facing the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the executive branch of the federal government? Why is it considered by many as a constitutional crisis? What are potential long-term consequences of the “crisis?” What are the House’s options? Explain the possible ramifications of each.


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