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Part A: Written and Oral Communication Skills

Locate a website for an
organization that hires graduates in your major. Besides technical skills, what
writing and communication skills does this organization seek in a job
candidate? Write a one-page essay on what they say directly on this subject.
Include reasons why each skill is important, and any additional written/spoken
skills that you believe would give a candidate a competitive advantage.

Part B: Effective Writing Teams

a.  What types of projects require collaboration?

b.  What are four primary attributes of an effective
writing team? Provide an example for each.

Part C: Internet Source Distortion/Misrepresentation

From media, personal
experience, or the Internet, identify an example of each of the following
sources of distortion (faulty causal and/or statistical inference) for the

a.  A study with questionable sponsorship or motives

b.  Reliance on insufficient evidence/hasty generalization

c.  Unbalanced or biased presentation

d.  Unexamined assumptions

e.  Faulty causal reasoning

Part D: Checklist for Style – Local Newspaper

Using the “Checklist for
Style” on the following page (also found in Chapter 11 of your textbook),
rewrite the following letter to a local newspaper.

the absence of definitive studies regarding the optimum length of the
school day, I can only state my personal opinion based upon observations
based by me and upon teacher observations that have been conveyed to me.
Considering the length of the present school day, it is my opinion that the
day is excessive length-wise for most elementary pupils, certainly for
almost all of the primary children.

find my answer to the problem requires consideration of two ways in which
the problem may be viewed. One way focuses upon the needs of the children,
while the other focuses upon logistics, transportation, scheduling, and
other limits imposed by the educational system. If it is necessary to
prioritize these two ideas, it would seem reasonable to give the first
consideration to the primary reason for the very existence of the system,
i.e., to meet the educational needs of the children the system is trying to

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