Teaching plan

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The topic of your teaching plan can be selected from the list provided on the The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing website, https://consultgeri.org/geriatric-topics. The evidence to support the teaching plan must include two articles one of which should include a peer review research study.

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A brief description of your teaching plan should include the following: Identification of topic, why this topic was selected, and who is the education intended for? Write up two learning objectives including audience, location, 2 objectives, and copies of any handouts. The teaching plan must also include 2 online resources about the topic for the learner. This could be a website, online video, etc. References should be cited at the end of the teaching plan according to APA format. This is submitted in narrative format and must be detailed, especially in the actual content taught. The plan is individualized (and must be presented verbally) to the patient(s), family(ies), and/or staff at the student’s clinical site. Each student is required to submit his/her own individualized written teaching care plan to their clinical faculty for grading (regardless of whether or not it was done as a group, pair, etc.). APA format and spell check are required.


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