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Should We Require Labeling for Genetically Modified Food?

Yes: Gary Hirshberg

No: Cameron English

Ihave attached the scoring rubric that I will use in grading your paper, and make sure you read it and cover all the issues in each section of the rubric. The rubric has 5 major grading areas that relate to the SUGGESTED subdivisions for your paper. You may combine various sections of the paper but I want headings so I can understand what you are doing and apply the rubric. Suggested, and only suggested subdivision headings are:

oDescription and explanation of the TS issue. A short explanation of the issue and its importance. For example, what were conditions like that caused Adam Smith to write the Wealth of Nations.

oHistory of the TS issue and why it is important. What is the importance of the issue today? Some of the issues don’t have a lot of history.

oAnswers to the Critical Thinking and Reflection question answers. Answer the questions.

oArguments for and against the issue. What are the pros and cons of the issue from the two authors . More of a summary of the key points they make in their paper.

oYour recommendation based on your analysis. What would you recommend and why? This is your personal opinion supported by facts based on your reading and understanding of the two points of view.

oApplication of a selected theory or theories to the issue. Apply an ethical theory to your reasoning and recommendation..

oConclusion. Short summary of your paper. A couple of paragraphs describing what you learned and how it might influence your thinkinag.

Reading the editor’s comments before and after your issue should give you some insight and help you organize your paper and respond to the suggested points above

Attached below are rubric and guidelines


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