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Briefly research and share a company who you feel “gets” supply chain
management. Explain why they are successful in this marketing effort. Be
sure to include two outside sources. Your post should discuss the
details regarding supply chain management strategies used by the
company, and thoroughly explain why you think the company you choose
does an excellent job managing the supply chain from suppliers,
manufacturers, warehouses, transporters, and retail outlets.

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This requires some research, but there are many very good
examples: Dell, WalMart, Apple, the military. How are Coke and
Budweiser offered in other countries? Does the milk used to make a
Starbucks latte in the U.S. or China all come from the same cow or herd
(well, of course not, but Starbucks and others have had their problems
with milk in China)? 🙂 Who produces Bud in Japan (interesting
answer, here)? What are the methods/business relationships that these
companies use to produce, distribute, and promote their products
globally? Think about it.

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