Submit a Wall Street Journal article critique – Chapter 12 Strategic Leadership

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One group member will submit a critique to the assignment and post the critique on the discussion board. The other group members will provide feedback for the critique on that discussion board.  


Purchase a current copy of the Wall Street Journal that was published during the time period covered by this module(10/29-11/06) and select an article that relates to Chapter 12: Strategic Leadership in the text.

1. Recap the article (1/2 page)

2. Critique the article using a SWOT analysis (1 page)

3. Offer a strategic alternative for the issue at hand (1/2 page)


1. Article is relevant to the chapter: Article is relevant to the assigned chapter and within the time frame of the current module.

2. Article critique: Recap of the article relates to key concepts in the chapter with observations where appropriate.

3. Description of criterion: Conclusion accurately results in short term strategic plan for competitive advantage.

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