Study Case Of Health Care Service

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Please follow Instructions:

– Response the issue in the case

– Apply the concept appropratly

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– It has to be strong response

– One single-page

I have uplaoded the study case question.

Study Case Of Health Care Service
Study Case Question: Two men in the same service are awaiting a keratoplasty ( cornea transplant) because of chemical burns on their eyes. One is an alcoholic street person with other serious health problems. The other is a prominent lawyer with a wife and three children. A donor’s eye becomes available, and by coincidence both men’s circular segments of the cornea match the donor’s. The physician makes his decision on the basis of the first-come. First-served and transplants the cornea to the alcoholic. Is it ethical to use the procedural rule first-come, first-served when one patient promises to have better medical results than the other? (the alcoholic has more serious health problems.) Is there a relevance to the patients’ social positions? One single-Page

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