Starbucks Coffee Company–Case Study

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Review the MSL Applied Case Study again. Where do the concepts we’ve studied in this class emerge in the case? Select three areas of focus from our course content. In what ways are the concepts you’ve selected demonstrated in the case? The demonstration of the content might be in a positive or negative manner – you decide. Based on what you know now, recommend one course of action. Use specific examples to support your work.

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Prepare a 4 page APA-paper to present your analysis and application of the course content to the applied case. Incorporate references from our course texts to support your work.

The following are the concepts within the class that can be tied into the assignment:

  1. Demonstrate leadership sensitivity to the multiple types of audiences, including nation-states, organizational cultures, and groups of diverse social identities (Program Learning Outcome 2) Course Measures: DB 2; DB5; Emotional and Cultural Intelligence Reflection Paper; DB7
  2. Identify the characteristics and functions of culture, including how communication both shapes and is shaped by culture in interpersonal and organizational communicative interactions (Program Learning Outcome 5) Course Measure: DB2, DB 3
  3. Articulate narrative styles used by leaders to promote communication (Program Learning Outcomes 2, 5) Course Measure: DB 4, Experiential Exercise
  4. Apply ethical considerations to organizational interactions. (Program Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 6) Course Measures: DB 6; Local and Global Issues Reflection Paper
  5. Apply framing practices (Program Learning Outcomes 5, 2) Course Measure: DB 1; Axioms of Communication and Framing Skills Reflective Paper; MSL Applied Case Study; DB 8; Final project: Leadership as Framing Project
  6. Use reflective practices within communication scenarios (Program Learning Outcomes 5, 6) Course Measure: Communication Style Inventory Paper; Frame Yourself As a Leader Reflection Paper

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