Social Development in Preschoolers, writing homework help

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Choose an article dealing with a topic discussed in class or our text.
The article should be from a leading magazine or newspaper.
(Newsweek, Parent Magazine, Young Child, Time, Grand Rapids Press etc.)
The article must be a least one page long.
Write a minimum of a one page (must be typed) summary of the article containing the following:
1. Give a summary of the article. (5 points)
2. Discuss how this article is related to a topic discussed in class or in the text. (10 points)
3. Discuss your response to the article, did you agree or disagree with the authors views,
why or why not. (10 points)
The article or a copy of the article must be turned in with your summary

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topic to use • Preschoolers (learning, social interactions, child-care experiences)

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