Shakespeare Film version compared to book, English homework help

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Please. limit this to 7 pages / MLA format / Courier New / 13 pitch

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-no plagarism

-proper paragraph format

-site every source 

     For this paper, compare a literary work with it’s film version.  Be sure to provide the following information (Please use subtitles for each (bold and underlined))

1. Literary work:  Provide information about the essence of writing, and include a compare & contrast thesis statement ( underline the thesis).

2.  Historical/ cultural background and context. ( use subheadings for each

3.  A brief plot 

 – Use the Fey tag pyramid) summary of the works ( please use subheadings for each)

1 Introduction ( Exposition )

2 Rising Action

3 Crisis or Clima

4 Falling Action

5 Denoument ( or resolution) 

4.  Information  about the (author, director, and screen writer) (please use subheadings for each)

5.  Comparison/contrast and findings (between the book / play, or movie)

6.  Criticism/views of at least (3) three scholars or critics (what they had to say)

7. Conclusion ( you own personal thoughts of the story the difference in the versions)

8. Work Cited list

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