Selected Managerial Assumptions

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The selected managerial assumptions paper will give each student the opportunity to examine his or her thoughts and beliefs about some of the most prevalent managerial assumptions that exist in Western workplaces today; and to evaluate those positions from readings and discussions presented and assessed during class. This paper should first address assumptions that the particular student believes “contradict Christian belief” or are “not in disagreement with Christian belief.” However, each student should write on a minimum of four (4) assumptions. Therefore, each student should pull from other categories, as necessary. Every paper should include the following:

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1. Explanations of the fundamental Christian beliefs with which the questionable managerial assumptions conflict.

2. Descriptions of the transformations Christians must make in the ways they do business, so that their religious faith becomes (remains) compatible with the world of business.

3. Identification and explanations of the ongoing tensions that would provide the most difficulty for Christian managers to abide

4. A discussion of how managers can effectively maintain their faith positions and their jobs when they confront those ongoing tensions between their faith and questionable managerial assumptions.

5. APA format should be utilized.

Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management: A faith based perspective.Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-605834-2

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