SALES PLAN TOPIC: DocuSign is a top provider of e-signature and document digitization services and needs a sales plan to coordinate their sales team as they contact decision makers to increase sales

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: DocuSign is a top provider of e-signature and document digitization services and needs a sales plan to coordinate their sales team as they contact decision makers to increase sales.


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Imagine you are tasked with the creating a sales plan for a new or existing product at your company.

In your assignment, include the following:

  • Define a set of sales goals for the business and justify why those goals were chosen.

    • Be sure the goals are measurable.
  • Design viable sales strategies and recommend at least two tactics that are suited to the target market.

    • Explain why they are suitable and were selected.
  • Explain how these strategies will contribute to the success of the business.

    • Support your strategies with at least one source.
  • Define strategies to motivate and manage your sales team.

    • Explain why the methods or actions could be successful.
  • Create an evaluation plan to determine whether the sales plan was successful.

    • Support your plan with plausible and thoughtful rationales, using at least one source.

Academic Paper:

  • Length: 2–4-pages, 12-pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, excluding your title page and reference page (4 resources)


SALES PLAN TOPIC: DocuSign is a top provider of e-signature and document digitization services and needs a sales plan to coordinate their sales team as they contact decision makers to increase sales
5 Full Title of Your Paper Learner’s Full Name School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration, Capella University Course Number: Course Name Instructor’s Name Month, Year Title of Your Paper NOTE: Delete all this text and replace with your paper content. An effective introduction often consists of four main components, including (a) the position statement, thesis, or hypothesis, which describes the author’s main position; (b) the purpose, which outlines the objective of the paper; (c) the background, which is general information needed to understand the content of the paper; and (d) the approach, which is the process or methodology the author uses to achieve the purpose of the paper. This information will help readers understand what will be discussed in the paper. It can also serve as a tool to grab the reader’s attention. Level 1 Section Heading Is Centered, Bold, and Title Case Using section headings can be an effective method of organizing an academic paper. Section headings are not required according to APA style; however, they can significantly improve the quality of a paper by helping both the reader and the author, as will soon be discussed. Level 2 Section Heading Is Aligned Left, Bold, and Title Case Section Headings Help the Reader. Section headings serve multiple purposes, including helping the reader understand what is being addressed in each section, maintain an interest in the paper, and choose what they want to read. For example, if the reader of this document wants to learn more about writing an effective introduction, the previous section heading clearly states that is where information can be found. When subtopics are needed to explain concepts in greater detail, different levels of headings are used according to APA style. Section Headings Help the Author. Section headings not only help the reader; they also help the author organize the document during the writing process. Section headings can be used to arrange topics in a logical order, and they can help an author manage the length of the paper. In addition to an effective introduction and the use of section headings, each paragraph of an academic paper can be written in a manner that helps the reader stay engaged. How to Write Effective Paragraphs Capella University’s Writing Center (n.d.) has adopted a new set of writing standards to assist learners in their goals to improve their scholarly writing. It is based on five skills known by the mnemonic POETS. In other words, a well-developed Capella paper will demonstrate the following standards. The paper will have a clear purpose statement, be logically organized, utilize current and appropriate evidence that is properly cited, maintain a scholarly tone, and demonstrate proper grammar and writing mechanics in the sentence structure. Academic writing is sometimes considered dry and boring. A learning experience may need that formula to encourage learning in different ways as the learner moves from passive learner to active scholar. Conclusion A summary and conclusion section, which can also be the discussion section of an APA style paper, is the final opportunity for the author to make a lasting impression on the reader. The author can begin by restating opinions or positions and summarizing the most important points that have been presented in the paper. For example, this paper was written to demonstrate to readers how to effectively use APA style when writing academic papers. Various components of an APA style paper that were discussed or displayed in the form of examples include a title page, introduction section, levels of section headings and their use, the POETS format, bias-free language, in-text citations, a conclusion, and the reference list. References Include your references here

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