risk management ( excel )

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Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Interactive Assignments: For your BIA Interactive project, we’ll use again CSB CAPECO case study. Caribbean Petroleum Refining Tank Explosion and FireCSB investigation and video simulation is available here: http://www.csb.gov/caribbean-petroleum-refining-ta…

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Use the attached BIA tools. You’ll have to create and submit two different files. I would suggest, you work on both files simultaneously. The first one is a Word file that summarizes the operation and what went wrong. Provide at least one-page description. Use your own words to summarize your analysis. You have to state the problem, analyze at least two more disruptive events. 1. For your convenience, the first one is completed as an example. 2. The second one is a gasoline overflow from one of the tanks – it was somehow contained (not the real case). However, there was significant environmental damage that required soil excavation and backfilling with clean soil. The operation was disrupted for 25 days in this case. It is estimated that the cost of such operation will be 2.5 million USD.3. The third disruptive event is the real case – gasoline overflow, significant spill and explosion. Operation disruption was greater five months. The initial cost to fight the fire was estimated at $6.4 million USD.
Also, provide your opinion about the control options.

See detailed instructions and BIA file attached.


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