Respond to the 2 discussion posts below, respectfully critique the experience they have shared. Using a different human behavior theory of motivation that your peer describes, offer a recommended appr

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Respond to the 2 discussion posts below on human behavior theory of motivation, respectfully critique the experience they have shared. Using a different human behavior theory of motivation that your peer describes, offer a recommended approach to driving top performance.

Support your initial post and response posts with scholarly sources cited in APA style.

Post 1:

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I found that I related mostly to the Affiliation motivation theory. The foundation of this theory is being able to relate to people on a social level. It includes working with compatible people and having a sense of community. The motivation comes from compliments and being told you’re doing a good job. This gives employees the feeling of belonging and relation to their coworkers within their company (Human Behavior in Organizations, 2016).

My previous job was not a company that supported my need for affiliation motivation. I can count on one hand the number of times I was complimented for my work and not chastised for what may have gone wrong. This made me very unmotivated to do more or to even work to my highest potential and I eventually left. My current job however, focuses heavily on complimenting the employees and telling them when they do a good job. We still discuss when things go wrong and what can be done to improve the situation if occurs again. Today we had a patient in the chair for 8 hours and at the end of the appointment the clinical staff took time to tell each other what a great job we did, how much it was appreciated and thank each other for their help and support. There are incentives to working hard and doing a good job besides the verbal compliments. In this office being efficient is incredibly important to keeping the schedule busy and being productive. The more productive we are the more money we make as an office, the doctor has implemented profit sharing which is another motivation to do a good job and work hard.

Post 2:

Achievement motivation is a drive some people must pursue and attain challenging goals. An individual with this drive wishes to achieve objectives and advance up the ladder of success. Accomplishment is seen as important primarily for its own sake, not just for the rewards that accompany it (Newstrom, 2015). In my workplace we are given goals daily in our work ques. As a person is motivated by meeting these goals I feel a personal achievement, but our management has their own type of reward system. They are recognition reward driven, individually and as a team. When our team feels recognized, they seem to work harder. Appreciation can go far in motivated workers. Through covid our company has decided to give each employee a $1000 thankyou bonus in April. This helps the team stay motivated and feel appreciated. This company gives rewards, and our management team in our department does small things for us. On birthdays, we are recognized, and meal is brought in or if we hit our numbers, they may bring in meal. It is the small things that keep motivating me. I have a long-term goal of moving up through the ranks within the company, staying busy and meeting goals will allow me to do that. The company also helps pay for a portion of my master’s degree; they have a grow your own policy. In my eyes if they are helping pay for my degree, they will also help me meet my long-term goals in my career.

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