Respond to post: (SM) Examining case studies about companies in the same industry would allow the entrepreneur to to learn and apply analysis. They would be able see what worked well and what did not

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Respond to post: (SM)

Examining case studies about companies in the same industry would allow the entrepreneur to to learn and apply analysis. They would be able see what worked well and what did not . The entrepreur would be able to analyze, interpret, evaluate and gain a deeper understand of the field that they considering. This information will help them to better anticipate the risks involved in their choosen industry and gain whether it is worth the effort.

Discussion Board (SM)

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Discuss how you could apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. Name at least one strategic management model discussed during this term that you would use, and explain why you selected this model. How might you incorporate information from this model to positively impact your career success?

Respond to post(EL)

I can agree that it is unpredictable to anticipate workplace violence. But there are things I believe employers can do to pay attention to their employees. The “ole school” saying the boss has to keep their finger on the company’s pulse.  Listen to your employees and pay attention to critical signs of employees being late, outspoken, depressed, or withdrawn. Also, there need to be measures put into place when an employee is terminated.

When someone is terminated, our policy at work is they immediately lose all access to our information; all door codes are changed company-wide. We also have all other areas of access that are key fob access and complete surveillance through the building inside and out that is recorded 24/7.

Discussion Board (EL)

Part I: Consider your knowledge base of information pertaining to employment law prior to the start of this course. Identify one area in which you feel you have gained the most insight and how it will assist you in the future.

Part II: Based on what you learned in this course, if you could give one piece of job advice to a new HR representative on how best to handle their new responsibilities, what would it be?

Respond to post (EL)

My knowledge base at the start of this course was as close to zero as one could be.  I am an IT by trade and currently in the intelligence field and very rarely do we touch on the legal side of the house.  We have very specific offices and people who tend to all things HR and legal.  So, for me, the lesson that covered discrimination laws (lifeguard case) was an eye opener.  Seeing from two different perspectives on how this instance could be handled and how each side had very valid arguments.  This will assist me in the future to better understand how to follow through and complete any legal process.  It is never acceptable to just check the box and move forward as the legal process has many requirements that must be addressed and investigated.

If I was to give a piece of advice to a new HR rep, it would be “HOLD ON!! It is going to be an exhilarating ride!!” The roles and responsibilities of HR have transformed, rebranded, and morphed again in the past 10 years.  The responsibilities that now fall on HR is somewhat of a daunting task.  You can no longer be just a master of one, you have to have talent in so many different aspects of the corporate world.  However, HR is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs that one could take in an organization as well.

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