Research Paper (4 Parts) Part 1 Proposed Research Paper Topic (due by Midnight 7 May 2023) This assignment requires more than a simple sentence stating what you are writing for your research paper. E

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Research Paper (4 Parts)

Part 1 Proposed Research Paper Topic

(due by Midnight 7 May 2023)

This assignment requires more than a simple sentence stating what you are writing for your research paper. Ensure to write a brief description of your planned topic for your research paper about the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

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In our Writing and Literature textbook, gives examples of well-written topics for a literary research paper and will give you an idea of what is required for this assignment. You only need a short paragraph for your topic proposal, but just as you see in the textbook examples, you should make sure to identify the literary device or technique that the author employed in crafting the novel. A fairly comprehensive glossary of such devices and techniques is available in the Lesson One Learning Activity, Approaching Prose Fiction

Part 2 Outline for Research Paper

(due by 5 pm eastern 8 May 2023)

In a correctly headed (MLA formatted) word document, write an alphanumeric outline for your research paper about your novel. The outline allows you to put your ideas for your research paper. The outline should be developed at least as far as the capital letter level (major sub-topics).

Part 3 Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper

(due by 5 pm eastern 9 May 2023)

Annotated Bibliography

  • The Annotated Bibliography is a PREVIEW of ten to twelve scholarly critical sources you might use for the seven to eight sources in the final draft of your literary research paper (it is NOT the same as a Works Cited page, which lists ONLY the works actually used in the paper and does so WITHOUT annotation).
  • Finding Sources:  You can use Google Scholar, Jurn, and the CTC Library online to access databases.  When using CTC’s library, try the EBSCO and Literature Online databases. All research must be literary criticism, the kind of writing that comments upon your novel. Sources that give author biography or summary of the novel will not work for this assignment. You may also go to a traditional library and review collections of essays regarding the novel or reference material (journals like Contemporary Literary Criticism, for example). Any sources gathered from databases such as these will count toward the number of print sources, as they originally appeared in print; citing, however, will still need to reflect how they were found online as databases.
  • Encyclopedias, Cliffs Notes, Monarch Notes, Magill’s Surveys, Schmoop, Barron’s Notes, Pink Monkey, Spark Notes, GradeSaver, eNotes, Novel Guides, WIKIPEDIA and any other sources whose primary intent is to summarize information for the reader are not appropriate for this type of paper. Papermills like 123helpme, antiessays, echeat, and the like are also unacceptable sources of information.  If you are unsure of your source’s value, please check with a research librarian or your instructor.  Be advised that reliable internet sources often end in .org or .edu, although other addresses may be appropriate; no more than two internet sources (those that appear SOLELY on the internet, like webpages) may be used in your paper.
  • Blogs are not appropriate sources, as their authors’ backgrounds are unknown.
  • Instructions, definitions of, examples of, and formatting for the MLA Annotated Bibliography can be found at the following website: Purdue OWL Annotated Bibliography. Following the specific format instructions of the MLA section at the Purdue OWL or a grammar handbook, submit your annotated bibliography (include all scholarly critical sources AND your assigned novel—no annotation is needed for the assigned novel).
  • The Purdue OWL website covers two different formats for a bibliography–APA and MLA.  Be sure to view the sample from the MLA handbook.  Note that this website also lists the following information for inclusion in annotation; you must include the highlighted information in each annotation:

    • Brief description/summary of the work cited.
    • Comments about the work’s usefulness or quality, usually including attention to one or more of the following features:
      1. The scope or relevance of the work.
      2. The intended audience.
      3. The author’s credibility or expertise
      4. The work’s relationship to other works in the area of study

Part 4 Research Paper

(due by 9 am 11 May 2023)

  • Research papers will have a body of nine (9) pages. The paper must also have an outline, and Works Cited page. (These pages are NOT considered as part of the body page count.) You will find a sample research paper, including a sample Works Cited page at the Purdue OWL website. Their website also offers information about outlining; be sure to view the three subsections regarding outlining. The order of pages in the paper is the outline, the body of the paper,  then the works cited page. These are all to be saved and sent to me as one document.
  • The final Works Cited page will contain eight (8) sources. The sources will be derived from appropriate books, periodicals, etc., to denote a variety of sources used; you are expected to begin your research with the CTC library’s online databases. Each of the sources used in the Works Cited must be used at least once in the research paper.
  • You are to follow the MLA 8th edition format and documentation as described at the Purdue OWL site.
  • Use direct quotations sparingly (no more than 25% of the paper).
  • Be sure the topic is sufficiently limited.
  • All words should be spelled correctly, and errors in sentence structure eliminated.
  • The level of diction should be formal (no slang, contractions, jargon, or technical terms without definition).
  • The paper should be well-written and scholarly.
  • All borrowed information must be noted whether quoted or paraphrased.

PLAGIARISM: You are responsible for constructing a research paper based on your own idea about a topic. All writing within the assignments must be original for this class and term. Any borrowed material must be scrupulously documented.

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