Reflective Paper of Gilchrist Elder Medical Care

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I’m intern in Gilchrist Department ( Elder Medical Care). I need 4 to 5 Pages .

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We work on Epic system. it’s electronic Health record and I:

  • I worked on the LDM Board. It stands for Lean Daily Management.
  • Organize patient information through Epic faxes and scanning different documents through Patient level, Encounter level, and Order level.

my Goals are:

Goal 1: Improve my knowledge and learning about Epic system

Goal 2: Trying to focus on a Quality, Patient Safety & Staff Development of the Gilchrist department.

Goal 3: Enhance my understanding of healthcare management knowledge and skills in the Gilchrist department.

Reflective Paper

The reflective paper is an outcome of your learning logs. The purpose of this assignment is to

demonstrate your ability to:

  • set explicit goals for own work;
  • monitor progress towards meeting goals;
  • seek out and use feedback from others;
  • evaluate your learning and performance;
  • assess personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • communicate clearly and professionally through writing.
  • You should refer to your weekly learning logs to help you with your reflective paper. The

    written, typed reflective paper should be 4-5 pages long, double spaced, include headings, 12-

    point Times Roman font with 1-inch margins. Using the objectives listed above as a basis for

    your reflection, you should answer the following questions:

  • In what ways was the internship experience valuable to you?
  • What specific experiences did you feel challenged you, were “stretches” and made you
  • grow as a professional?

  • How successful were you in attaining the goals identified in your Learning Contract
  • and/or Learning Logs?

  • What could you have done differently during your internship to improve the learning
  • experience?

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