reflection on videos

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Daily Live Online Conversations with US and Global Theatre Artists

on https://https:// (链接到外部网站。) (链接到外部网站。)

Richard Schechner (NYC, US)

The newly introduced ad-free SEGAL TALKS will be live-streamed in English on https://https:// (链接到外部网站。) and on the Segal Center Facebook page (链接到外部网站。). All the previous SEGAL TALKS will be found on https://https:// (链接到外部网站。), the Segal Center Facebook page (链接到外部网站。), and the Segal Center YouTube Channel (链接到外部网站。). The Segal Theatre Center will raise money for theatre artists and companies. This work is in collaboration with HowlRound Theatre Commons, based at Emerson Collage.

Viewers can submit questions during the live streaming at (链接到外部网站。)

Visit www.theSegalCenter.orgor (链接到外部网站。) contact for more information on SEGAL TALKS.

To watch the HowlRound Live Stream, click here: (链接到外部网站。)

Link (链接到外部网站。)

also: Past talks of Facebook page…

Part 2:

Take notes – You should have 500 – 1000 words max words of notes on the talk.

Attention: To receive credit for the lab work. You must always cite the video/text/audio you’re writing about in either MLA or Chicago style citation. Cite: Name, Title, Date, Genre, Publisher/Studio/Time Duration

Example: Michael Twitty | Black Corn | 2016 Fall Symposium, Southern Foodways, Vimeo,, 35.05 minutes, 2016.

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